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Life Assurance for Smokers

Smoker's Life Assurance
Quotedevil have specific products for smokers Life Assurance and mortgage protection. It is certainly more expensive than non-smokers however we may be able to save you a lot of money on your existing life assurance policy. We have a lot of insurers who are looking for smoker clients so it is a very competitive market so let us shop the market for you to get you the lowest price life assurance and mortgage protection.
Life Assurance Sold by the Banks
A lot of polices sold by the banks over the years are not competitive at all as they did not need to be. This was mainly because people didn't know that they could shop around. If you have life assurance with the bank you may be able to save a fortune just by having a chat with our advisers. In many instances you could save thousands over the term of your life assurance. 
Given up Smoking Life Assurance
If you have given up smoking for a year or more, you are entitled to non-smoker rates. If you can change to non-smoking rates the savings can be enormous, thousands and thousands over the term of the mortgage. Give us a ring on 01 9696232 and we can do a quick comparison for you. If you have given up smoking you may as well be financially rewarded for it! The author is a reformed smoker so knows all too well about that battle! 
Call Declan for any advice on Life Assurance, Pensions, Mortgage Protection or Health Insurance on 01 9696232 or buy online here: Life Assurance for Smokers
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