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Flat Roof House Insurance Information

Flat Roof House InsuranceAs a homeowner, you may not have thought about the type of roof on your house unless it needed maintenance or repairing. The type of roof on your property can make a difference to your home insurance cost. If your home has a standard roof, it is likely to be cheaper to repair than a non-standard one which can require more specialist materials. While flat roof insurance can be sometimes difficult to get, it is still important that you inform your insurance provider that you have a flat roofed property.

What is a flat roof?

A flat roof has a slope of less than 10 degrees. Flat roofs can be more expensive and difficult to get cover for under your house insurance policy. If your roof is less than 20%, it is unlikely to make a difference in the cost of your insurance.

Will my flat roof affect my home insurance cost?

Some insurance providers will see having a flat roofed property as a bigger risk to other roof types. With the changeable weather in Ireland, a flat roof is not best suited to the high levels of rainfall. Rain, ice, and even snow can accumulate on the flat roof rather than sliding off it which leaves a flat roof more vulnerable to leaks. An accumulation of water can cause damp and sagging to your roof which in turn requires regular flat roof repair and even repairs. Many insurers can be concerned about the condition, material, and age of your roof which can then push the price of your premiums up.

Having a flat roofed property can also result in a higher risk of being burgled because thieves are able to gain access to your home more easily by climbing onto to the roof of your home.

House Insurance cover

House insurance protects your building and the contents inside. Under most standard policies it includes contents and building insurance.

Building insurance

Building insurance covers the entire structure of the property which includes the roof, walls, and against theft and loss. A standard building policy will cover the full cost of a repair or rebuild of your roof and other parts of the home in the event of a fire, theft, flood or a storm.

Roof materials

Various roof materials are covered under a house insurance policy, these include timber, metal, fibre glass, and concrete. Many insurance companies will take into consideration the roof material and the type when it comes to the cost of a repair or a rebuild. If your roof performs at its best and has high-quality materials, then the cost of your insurance will be a lot less as you are less likely to make a claim for any damages to your roof.

Purchasing flat roof house insurance

Flat roof homes can be insured with ourselves Quote Devil, the leading home insurance providers in Ireland and specialists that deal specifically with the risks that come with flat roofs. The roof materials will be taken into consideration on the overall insurance premium price. Roof replacement or repair will generally be covered by your house insurance policy unless the damage is caused by a lack of maintenance or neglect.

Do I need to know what percentage of my roof is flat

It is important as a householder that you know what percentage of your roof is flat as this will play a vital role in the calculations for your insurance premium. A fully flat roof is generally considered high risk for insurance with the level of risk decreasing if the roof is only partially flat.

Quote Devil are the leading flat roof house insurance specialists

Quote Devil are Ireland's leading specialist house insurance brokers, offering competitive premiums for flat roof house insurance. Our experienced brokers can tailor-make your policy to suit your individual needs and requirements. We can help you find the right cover for your property so you can rest assured knowing your property is correctly insured. Quote Devil has a policy that can cover your property even if it is 100% flat roofed. You can get a home insurance quote and policy within 3 minutes! We have an experienced team of advisors with in depth knowledge of the insurance market. No matter what size home or what type of roof you have, you will only receive the best low cost quotes on the market.