Gadget Insurance & Mobile Phone Insurance

Brilliant Gadget Cover
We offer really cheap gadget insurance cover for up to four items €2250 in cover, for only €139.00! We offer a new really simple gadget insurance product that covers up to four unspecified Gadgets including Smart Phones, Laptops, Cameras and so-on up to a maximum cover of €2,250 for the really low price of €139.00!

And family members automatically covered on the one policy!

The items just need to be less than three years old when the policy is taken out and have been bought new in Ireland or the UK or purchased as refurbished direct from the manufacturer or network provider or gifted, as long as you are able to provide Proof of Purchase.


Protect your favourite laptop, tablet, smartphone or ereader with Quote Devil's Gadget insurance and mobile phone insurance. Protection for accidental damage or theft for up to five gadgets including mobile phone, laptop, iPad, camera and DS Lite.

Gadget Insurance IrelandAt Quote Devil we know how important your gadgets are and how annoying it is when they break or are stolen. That's why the Big Man wanted to provide cheap gadget insurance in Ireland for his customers. Quote Devil now provides great value insurance for all your gadgets at a cheap price. As always we've made it as easy as possible and you can get a quote and take out your policy all on-line in 2 minutes.

If you are as clumsy as the Big Man and love your gadgets, get the peace of mind you need and take a cheap gadget insurance policy with us. Protect your most valuable belongings against acciental damage, water damage and theft.

Mobile Phone Insurance

Affordable Gadget Cover

With our mobile phone insurance you are covered for water damage as well as theft and accidental damage, and you're covered anywhere in the world for up to 60 days! as long as you are a resident of Ireland and bought the mobile phone here. If your mobile is stolen and calls are racked up you will be covered on up to €1500.00 in calls. Remember not to leave your phone unattended as if you leave it unattended and It is stolen it's not covered! If it is damaged, which happens regularly, the insurance does cover the repairs. Once you have a quote please read over the terms and documents which clearly show what is covered and excluded.