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Quote Devil have great deals on young driver car insurance. Our team specialises in finding cheap car insurance for young drivers, learner drivers, student drivers, whether that's with or without a No Claims Bonus. If you're still on a provisional driving license then no worries - get your insurance with us at a great price for great cover.

We can get you the best deal and cheapest quotes because Quote Devil specialise in insuring young drivers so it is what we do for a living! Not only do we offer some of the best prices on car insurance for young drivers, we really understand the market. We can give breakdown cover and can give you cover over the phone to go and collect that auto you want. Call us now on 01-2541300 or fill out our form and let us get you the best price possible.

Our call centre is open 6 days a week 9am to 6pm except on Saturdays when we’re open 10am to 3pm, so if you've found your perfect motor on a Monday to Saturday you can get cover instantly. Give us a call now to get a price or for instant cover.

Most insurers don’t want to insure young drivers so won't quote or will quote you out of the market but Quote Devil are Ireland's learner driver driver car insurance specialists so we want to cover you and to make it easier. We can also arrange for you to pay your insurance over instalments with a low up front deposit.

Why not get a young driver car insurance quote now to see how much you could save this year?

Cheap Young Driver Car insurance Ireland

Car Insurance for Young Drivers

The price for young driver car insurance has jumped up recently but we still give discounts for a variety of situations from driving lessons to driving experience and record. Obviously the price comes down an awful lot if you have one year driving claim free and you get the full driving license. But you have to start somewhere and we can help with this so before you buy anything talk to us.

We have a number of different underwriters that asses young drivers differently and a lot can come down to the model and age of the vehicle, so it really is worth your while having a chat with one of our advisers before you buy your first car. You may be able to save money on your insurance by buying a slightly newer car or a different model. So the most important first step is to talk to us and get check the parameters you should be looking.


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