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Travel Insurance & Holiday Insurance Brokers

Looking for hassle-free Travel Insurance?

Quote Devil have teamed up with ARB to offer you the right level of cover for your family holiday, city break or that trip of a lifetime you have been postponing!

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Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Available

Cheap Travel Insurance Ireland

Multi trip travel insurance is the best type of policy you can get. It’s an annual policy so you only have to worry about it once a year and then you can forget about it until you receive your renewal in twelve months’ time. Holiday insurance is essential for the peace of mind you need when travelling abroad.

We offer cheap holiday insurance however the cover is excellent. The main reason for the Insurance is to cover for emergency medical expenses including 24 hour emergency assistance, lost or stolen money or personal property like valuables or your passport and the cancellation or curtailment of your holiday. There are lots of other items covered like missed connection or missed flight but this cover really offers peace of mind. For these main reasons please read our policy document on our website for exact cover but the main benefits of holiday insurance are for peace of mind. For winter sports like skiing you have to pay a slightly higher premium. However, on a trip to the slopes you’ll see how many accidents there are and you will never go skiing without a good value travel Insurance policy. Remember you can arrange the cover online on our website in a matter of minutes and then head off and enjoy your break!

Low Cost Multi Trip Insurance Deals

If you find yourself lucky enough to go abroad more often than once a year, then Multi Trip Travel insurance is the most cost effective way to cover you and your family. From the quick weekend breaks to the two-week sun or ski holiday we can provide the best cover for all your needs. We cover issues such as lost baggage to illness abroad we can tailor the best package for you and your family. Multi Trip Insurance is the best added extra you can invest in for your yearly trips abroad.

Worldwide Annual Holiday Insurance

Europe is the most visited part of the world for us Irish but for the more adventurous amongst us Worldwide Annual trip insurance is best for you. Adding annual travel insurance to your list of expenses can be a really smart way of saving. Cover you and your family for those quick trips to the Aunt in the UK or that Ski holiday in the States we have you covered. Regardless of the types of trips you or your family make every year we can proved you with protection against the unforeseen.

Cover for Travelling to the USA

With Quote Devil’s Travel Insurance policy you can rest assured that you have a substantial level of cover for travelling to the USA. With cover for medical expenses of €5 million and cancellation cover of €4,000 per person we can offer you the peace of mind you need to make the trip across the Atlantic. All our policies cover individuals up to the age of 86 so give us a call today on 01 7998866 to get the cover you need at a great price.

Insurance for Cruises

QuoteDevil Mascot behind a cruise shipUnlike other insurers in the market Quote Devil can add cover to your policy especially for going on a cruise. As well as covering cruise cancellation you can add cruise connection cover to your policy to help you get to the next port if you miss the ships departure on your outbound journey due to things like, a strike or industrial action, adverse weather or failure of public transport. To find out more and to get a quote give us a call today on 01 7998866.

Backpacker Holiday Insurance

You have finished your studies and not yet ready for the working world, now is the time to see the world from the Great Barrier Reef to the Great Wall of China. Although it might seem a good idea to save on this part of your trip, paying for insurance can be the best thing you can do. From being helicoptered off a mountain in Peru to your belongings stolen in a hostel or busy market, backpacker travel insurance can be that extra protection. Contact us to help us design the best package for your adventures.

Cover for Winter Sports

Going skiing this winter? Quote Devil can cover you and your family on a winter sports policy anywhere in the world! From snowboarding in the Alps to skiing off-piste in the famous mountains of Aspen, USA, Quote Devil has a policy for you. Give us a call today on 01 7998866 to get once off winter sports cover or winter sports cover included on your annual multi trip policy.

What do our Policies Include?

  • Medical expenses up to €5,000,000 per person
  • Cancellation cover up to €4,000 per person
  • Luggage cover up to €2,000 per person
  • Money up to €500 per person
  • Missed Departure up to €500 per person
  • Replacement passport up to €250 per person
  • Delayed Departure up to €200 per person
  • Delayed Luggage up to €200 per person
  • Dental Treatment up to 450 per person
  • Personal Liability up to €5,000,000 per person
  • Credit Card Fraud up to €300 per person
  • Third Party Supplier Insolvency up to €2,000
  • Holiday Abandonment up to €4,000 per person
  • Legal fee up to €10,000 per person

Is Travel Insurance Needed?

QuoteDevil Mascot eating ice cream on a beach Do you really need travel insurance? Many people go abroad thinking that they won't ever need it. Here's a few tips to help you decide if you do. “Nothing’s going to happen to me, I’m young, fit & healthy. Plus it’s expensive, and I only saved enough money for my trip… What is it anyway?”

It’s a great world to see but it can be unpredictable. Even the most seasoned travellers have left something behind on a taxi, plane or at their accommodation. They have plugged in and blew up an expensive gadget or grooming accessory due to different power or random surges. Some have had the misfortune of pick pockets to random road or sporting accidents. You want to make sure you’re not stuck with a huge bill at the end of a not so pleasant holiday.

Before taking out your policy, check to see if they cover the following: How much of your medical / dental costs will they cover? If you’re going to the USA for example, medical costs can be very high. Do they offer Medical Evacuation, if required? If you’re in remote area, You want to be airlifted to a hospital with the best facilities to care for your needs. Do they offer 24 hour emergence assistance? Some things can’t wait until opening hours. Other cover should include travel delays, lost luggage or important documents such as passports.

Business Trips

Do you travel for business as well as pleasure and find it hard to get both covered on the same policy? Do you want an Annual Family Policy that allows you to travel for work also? Quote Devil can help. We have a policy that can cover all of the above as well as any business equipment you may need to bring with you up to a value of €1,000. If you are travelling on a once off business trip we can cover you for the time you are away on one of our single trip policies at a very competitive rate. Give us a call today on 01 7998866 for a Quote.

Age Related Travel Policies

Over 60s

If you are looking for travel insurance after 60 Quote Devil has a policy for you. We will not refuse you cover or charge you a ridiculous premium just because you have turned 60! We specialise in cover for those travelling aged over 60 both in Europe and the USA. To get a competitive quote on our over 60s annual multi trip and single trip policies give us a call today on 01 7998866.

Over 70s

With our over 70s Insurance plan, we will help you travel where you want to, when you want to. Now is the time to spend your savings on seeing places near and far. We aim to provide cover for all ages including over 70’s and many types of medical conditions such as Cancer, Heart conditions, Stroke, Diabetes, mental health conditions and more. Protect against unforeseen circumstances such as having to delay your holiday or cutting it short. If you need single, multi trip or annual cover. Choose the cover that suits your needs most.

Over 75s

Quote Devil are specialists in travel insurance for those over 75. We have a range of different options available for individuals or couples travelling anywhere in the world over the age of 75. If you are looking for an annual multi trip or single trip policy and aged between 75 and 88 call us today on 01 7998866 for a quote.

Over 80s

Unlike most other providers of travel insurance Quote Devil can offer you a single trip or annual policy up to the age of 88. Regardless of your medical conditions or if you are travelling to the USA, Quote Devil has a policy for you. We know how hard it can be to get cover after 80 so we have a policy especially for individuals aged between 80 and 88. Give us a call today on 01 7998866 to get the cover you need at any age!

Cover for Pensioners

You are retired and your feet are starting to get itchy. Now is the time for your S.K.I Holiday (Spend the Kids Inheritance!). Taking into consideration health conditions, we aim to provide cover for all ages including those in their golden years. We can help get your pensioners travel insurance for those with types of medical conditions such as cancer, heart conditions, stroke, diabetes, mental health conditions and more. Protect against unforeseen circumstances that your health conditions may cause such as having to delay your holiday or cutting it short. If you need single, multi trip, or annual cover, choose the cover that suits your needs most.

Travelling with Medical conditions

stethoscope lying on top of a map Are you sick of being charged through the roof for travel insurance because you have a pre-existing medical condition? Quote Devil can help. With our Travel Insurance policy we can cover you regardless of your conditions at no extra cost, we simply exclude any pre-existing medical conditions and cover you for any sudden accident or illness while abroad. Are you travelling while pregnant? Once again Quote Devil can cover you at no additional premium. Call us today on 01 799 88 66 for more information and a quote.