About Quote Devil

Q) Is Quote Devil an Irish Company?

A) Yes. Quote Devil Ltd. is Irish owned and focussed on finding the best value Insurance cover for Irish consumers.

Q) Is Quote Devil regulated by the Financial Regulator here in Ireland?

A) Yes. Quote Devil Ltd. is regulated by the Financial Regulator in Ireland. Quote Devil Ltd. is fully bonded & insured and our Home Insurance policies are underwritten by one of the best known and strongest insurance companies in the World, Zurich Financial Services.

Q) How old is Quote Devil?

A) Quotedevil.ie was set up in October 2006 to deliver quality insurance products in the fastest possible time and at the best rate we can provide. Quote Devil currently provide House Insurance, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance, Wedding Insurance, Mortgage Protection Insurance, Life Insurance and Motor Breakdown Insurance.

House Insurance

Q) Do I have to insure my house through my mortgage provider?

A) No. You can choose to insure your house with whoever you wish. If you have a mortgage you will need to have the interest of the mortgage provider noted on the policy (this can be done by entering the details on line on the QuoteDevil Site)

Q) Can you please explain what is included under buildings insurance?

A) Building insurance covers the structure of your home including domestic outbuildings and any fixtures or fittings. This should include items that you usually cannot take with you if you move home. (eg. Fitted kitchens etc.)

Q) How do I know how much to insure my buildings for?

A) You should insure your home for the rebuilding cost. See the latest rebuilding costs guide provided by the Chartered Surveyors of Ireland.

Q) What is contents insurance?

A) Contents insurance covers everything in your home belonging to you or belonging to members of your family permanently living with you, this would include items that you usually would take with you if you move home.

Q) How much should I insure my contents for?

A) You must insure your contents for the replacement cost at todays values in the event of them being stolen or damaged.

Q) What is a policy excess?

A) The policy excess is the amount of each claim that you will have to pay for yourself. The standard excess on the QuoteDevil policy is €250 but if you choose to increase the excess there is a premium discount available. The excess in respect of subsidence €1,500.

Q) What is all risks cover?

A) All risks provides cover for items temporarily outside the home. (Possessions normally worn or carried on the person outside of the home, e.g.: jewellery, items of clothing, photographic equipment. Note: Mobile phones, hearing aids, sports equipment and pedal cycles are excluded.) For Items values over €650.00 you will need specified all risks to cover these items. A Valuation will be required for any item valued at more than €6,000. These items will NOT be covered / insured until we receive the valuation from you.

If you have not found the answer to your question here, please call Quote Devil on (01) 254 1300 or email us at thebigman@quotedevil.ie

Life Insurance

Q) What type of life insurance do you offer?

A) Mortgage Protection - the sum assured is reduced during the term of the policy. The policy can be arranged on a single or joint life basis. The premium is agreed at the start of the policy and remains unchanged during the term of the policy (The first Year is discounted)

Q) How can you arrange such cheap mortgage protection insurance?

A) We refund up to 50% of the commission to the customer which reduces the first years premium by this amount. The monthly or yearly premium for all subsequent years is charged at the full rate.

Q) How do I pay the premium?

A) The first years premium will be paid by cheque or bank draft for the full years premium less the commission rebate and subsequent years will be paid either monthly or yearly by direct debit.

Q) Do I need Mortgage Protection?

A) Anyone who is buying a house will be required by their Mortgage Provider to arrange a Mortgage Protection Policy. The minimum amount that the provider will require is the amount outstanding on your mortgage but you can chose a higher amount if necessary (certain classes of people may be able to avoid having to have life cover for a mortgage e.g. over 50's. landlords etc. please check with your mortgage provider).

Q) What are the options for who is covered by my policy?

A) There are two options available - A Single Life policy only covers one person (the insured). A Joint Life policy covers two people. This policy will pay benefits on the first death of either insured person and the policy then ceases.

Q) Can a mortgage protection policy be extended to give additional covers.

A) Yes you can chose the option of including serious illness cover (this means that the policy will pay out in respect of a claim where a specified serious illness is diagnosed).

If you have not found the answer to your question here, please call Quote Devil on (01) 254 1300 or email us at thebigman@quotedevil.ie