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The main concern landlords have when enquiring about buildings and contents insurance is public liability cover, it is nearly as important as fire cover. With the Quote Devil policy for landlord insurance the public liability limit is a very substantial 1.3 million euros. In addition to that, you are also covered for up to €65,000 euro in legal Fees. So with the Quote Devil policy for landlords you can rest assured you are very well protected in the event of a public liability claim against you.

Another great benefit of the Quote Devil policy is the cover for loss of rent. The cover for loss of rent is up to 20 % of the buildings sum insured, so it is quite substantial.

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In the event of an emergency, regardless of how experienced you are, you can still have that moment where you go 'what do I do now?' We have a 24 hour emergency number with the Quote Devil landlord house insurance policy so we can get tradesmen to you urgently when you need them. This service is provided as part of the policy and is not an extra charge the number is 1890 208 408.

We also offer Fire Brigade charges of €2,000.00 as standard so in the event the Fire Brigade is called out and you are billed, your policy covers you for up to €2000.00.

So they are some of the reasons the Quote Devil landlord policy is one of the best in the country and we haven't mentioned price. The price is incredibly good value for what you get and in most instances we can save you money on your premium as well as giving the extensive cover. So if you want great assurance including public Liability and a great price click on the 'get a quote' icon above and become one of the tens of thousands of people who have switched and have become Quote Devil customers.

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Airbnb – Important Notice! Your Policy May Not Cover You

Under standard home insurance policies Airbnb activity or paying guests are not covered, meaning that your home cover may not indemnify you if you have paying guests in your home via Air B&B. If there was a personal injury, such as someone tripping and falling down the stairs or slipping in the bath, on your property this can leave you vulnerable. Malicious damage by a guest paying to stay in your property is likely not to be indemnified.

Quotedevil is currently preparing an exclusive Airbnb home insurance product which will cover all of this as standard under our Airbnb home policy scheme.

If you have paying guests in your property through Air B&B you need proper and adequate cover to protect you if someone injures themselves on your property.

If you let your property and the occupants maliciously damage it, your insurers will not pay any compensation unless you have specialist protection so it is really important to have the correct policy!

In order to protect yourself from these hazards, you need a specialist house insurance policy that covers these risks. It is essential to review your policy, as it is most likely not protected. If it is, you need to replace it with an Airbnb home insurance policy immediately.

Contact us here and we will give you a competitive quote for Quotedevil Airbnb house policies that includes liability cover for paying guests and malicious damage.

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