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Airbnb Landlord Insurance Quote

Airbnb logo Under standard home insurance policies Airbnb activity or paying guests are not covered, meaning that your home cover may not indemnify you if you have paying guests in your home via Airbnb. If there was a personal injury, such as someone tripping and falling down the stairs or slipping in the bath, on your property this can leave you vulnerable. Malicious damage by a guest paying to stay in your property is likely not to be indemnified.

Quotedevil is currently preparing an exclusive Airbnb home insurance product which will cover all of this as standard under our Airbnb home policy scheme.

If you have paying guests in your property through Airbnb you need proper and adequate cover to protect you if someone injures themselves on your property.

If you have paying guests in your property through Airbnb you need proper and adequate cover to protect you if someone injures themselves on your property.

If you let your property and the occupants maliciously damage it, your insurers will not pay any compensation unless you have specialist protection so it is really important to have the correct policy!

In order to protect yourself from these hazards, you need a specialist house insurance policy that covers these risks. It is essential to review your policy, as it is most likely not protected. If it is, you need to replace it with an Airbnb home insurance policy immediately.

Contact us here and we will give you a competitive quote for Quotedevil Airbnb house policies that includes liability cover for paying guests and malicious damage.

Contact Liam at the below email address or direct dial the below number to register your interest:

Section 1. Buildings

If there is Any Damage or Loss to your buildings throughout the period of insurance produced by the following:

  • Smoke, Blasts/explosions, Fires, Earthquakes, and Lightning.
  • Any form of Snow, Storm, or Flooding.
  • Where your insured building is situated, if there is a landslip or subsidence on the site.
  • Any disturbance on your premises which would include Riots, public commotion, vandalism or strikes and labour.
  • Any freezing of your water or escape of water, a heating installation or in a domestic appliance.
  • Anything that may be dropped from an airplane or any other flying objects.
  • Burglary or attempted burglary.
  • Any oil leakage from heating installations which are fixed.
  • Any fallen branches or trees, lamp poles, or telephone poles.
  • Any loss or damage to your premises as an effect of any radio or television collapsing aerials, satellite dishes, masts and fittings.
  • If you were struck by any animal, or knocked down by any motion vehicle.


If there is any damage, loss, or liability caused by any AirBnB guests staying, they are more than likely covered under a Host agreement or host protection and are not covered under this policy.

Any damage, loss, or liability to any AirBnB guests is more than likely covered by the AirBnB host agreement or host protection and are not covered under this type of policy.

Please note important points re: Air bnb:

As per previous this is for owner occupied properties with Air bnb only under the following scenarios:
1. Room on Air bnb while owner remains in property
2. Full property on Air bnb for up to 100 non consecutive days in total in any one year while owner is away from property e.g. every weekend of year bar 2
3. Max any one Air bnb stay: 14 days

Any damage / injury / loss arising due /to air bnb guests is not covered by this policy and will be covered by Air bnb Host Protection / Host Guarantee as applicable

Three additional benefits which we feel add significant value to the offering:

1. If Insured benefits from Alarm discount we will Increase Excess from standard €250.00 to €750.00 if Alarm fitted and not operational at time of loss
2. No Theft excess if alarm fitted and working and CCTV recording and/or electric gates in operation
3. Loss of rent /Air bnb income cover

Email now!

Additional benefits included with buildings

  • Any damage done to Glass, Ceramic surfaces, sanitary units or solar panels.
  • Substitute accommodation costs are up to 20% of the buildings that are insured.
  • Up to €250 of loss of rent as an Air BnB host.
  • Up to 20% of the premises is insured for the building fees and the charges for removing debris.
  • Any metered water on your building is up to €500.
  • Any tracing and accessing that must be done to find any leaks is up to €750.
  • You are legally responsible for any damage to cables, tanks or pipes in your home and the cost is up to €5,000.
  • Charges for Fire Brigade emergency services charges up to €2,000.
  • Cover for any accidental damage to buildings is selective.
  • Any buildings liability is up to the owner of the home, which is up to €2,000,000.

Section 2. Contents

If there is Any Damage or Loss to your buildings throughout the period of insurance produced by the following:

Same as Section 1 above

Extra benefits included with Contents

  • Breaking of any Glass, solar panels, stone surfaces and sanitary units.
  • Any other substitute accommodation.
  • Any cost of rent up to €250 as an Air BnB host.
  • Tv sets, antennas and fixed satellite dishes.
  • Any unintentional water leakage which may have been caused by any insured event is up to €500.
  • Any unintentional damage as an outcome of household moving.
  • Any household contents that is removed from the home is insured up to 20%.
  • Burglary or attempted burglary of any contents in any garage or outside the building is insured up to €5,000.
  • Outdoor household contents but inside the boundaries of the home is insured up to €1,000 (an increased insurance cost for any hot tubs, spas or Jacuzzis).
  • 14 days before and 14 days after your wedding day, the wedding presents are insured and increased by 10%.
  • For the month of December, your Christmas decorations are insured and increased by 10%.
  • 7 days before and 7 days after your wedding, Birthday and wedding anniversaries the contents amount insured increased by 10%
  • All keys and locks are insured up to €600.
  • Freezer and fridge contents sum up to €500.
  • Reimbursement for any death.
  • Home heating Oil up to €500.
  • Any documents replaced up to the sum of €500.
  • Any new purchases are insured up to €1,000 for 21 days.
  • Each item of shrubs, trees, plants and your lawn are €100 each and all insured up to €500.
  • Any violence on moving away is insured up to €2,500.
  • There is student cover if they are away from home up to €2,500.
  • Any fire emergency services needed is up to €2,000.
  • Cash up to €500.
  • Insurance for credit cards is up to €1,000.
  • Any coinage, stamps or any other items are insured up to €1,000.
  • Personal items or any guests staying insurance is up to €250.
  • In total for contents in the home such as valuables, art, pictures, etc, insurance is up to 35%.
  • Any household contents such a television, freestanding hot tubs, jacuzzi, plasma, liquid, liquid crystal display and front projection up to €5,000.
  • Professional equipment is up to €5,000.
  • Any accidental damage of contents is optional.
  • Personal liability cover is up to €2,000.000
  • As the owner and occupier of your home you are liable up to €2,000.000.
  • As a tenant, liability is insured up to €10,000.
  • Any accident to employees is insured up to €2,000.000.
  • Sole article limits will apply-refer to policy above.

Excesses for each and every claim:

Normal excess policy insured up to €250.

Any heave or subsidence on the premises underneath the building is up to €2,000.

Any fridge or freezer contents in excess is up to €75.

Any risks unspecified in excess up to €75.

Any risks that are specified in excess is insured up to €75.

Pedal cycles excess up to €75.

Any extra damage or loss to roofed areas of the building is up to €300.

Leakage of water is an extra €500.

For any other excesses please refer to the home share policy document.

"Check your Insurance Cover... having people pay to stay in your home may affect your personal home insurance, get advice before you open your door..."

Home Cover for Emergencies

The assistance we provide for any emergencies is relating to

Drainage and Plumbing – If there is any likely breakdown or damage to the plumbing and drainage system which would cause liquid damage to the property. This would include any blockage of drains, leading pipes, water tanks, toilet blockage waste pipes or leaking radiators.

Electrical Supply – Unexpected or failure of the electricity supply within your property.

Glazing and Security – Any unexpected failure or any damage that may be caused to outside locks, doors or windows which would make your home less secure which could cause theft or loss of keys and broken outside glass.

Roofing – If there is any damage to your roof, this would result in necessary repairing.

Main Heating System – Any complete failure of either the heating or hot water supply that is provided by the main heating system in the home. These services are limited to €260 plus vat per claim and there is also a limit of three assistances per period of insurance per policy. Any repairs that have been carried out we will also provide if necessary the following:

Substitute Accommodation – if your property has been considered uninhabitable, we will provide overnight accommodation for 4 people at your choice. There is a max pay of €50 per person up to a total of €200 any one incident.

Furniture storage – If there is an emergency in the home, we will send two messages to a family member at home or abroad.

We will provide the following services if you need them:

Essential Information – We provide all telephone numbers for the essential services for Garda stations, hospital, fire emergency, 24-hour pharmacy or transport company, you just simply call the free phone number above.

Home Assistance Hotline – In the event of non-emergencies, we will provide a hotline for all the above services that are listed. Simply call the free phone number and ask for the hotline service and we will give you a contact number for one of our authorised contractors and you can then discuss the problem with them and you will obtain a no obligation quotation for the work that will be involved.

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