Flat Roof House Insurance Information (09/01/2020)

Flat Roof House InsuranceAs a homeowner, you may not have thought about the type of roof on your house unless it needed maintenance or repairing. The type of roof on your property can make a difference to your home insurance cost. If your home has a standard roof, it is likely to be... Read more

How to Exchange a UK or NI License for an Irish License (04/12/2019)

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes IrelandThe European Union has agreed to an extension on Brexit which will see the UK leave the European Union on 31st January 2020 if agreed on mutually. If there is no deal made, for any Irish citizen who holds a UK/NI driving licence, then it will no... Read more

Safety Tips for Driving at Night (21/11/2019)

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes IrelandDriving at night time can be that little bit more difficult than driving during the day, so it is essential to take more care and be more cautious. Given the roads can be a lot quieter, a big proportion of all accidents still occur during the... Read more

Safety Tips for Driving with Your Dog (04/11/2019)

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes IrelandWith the winter season fast approaching us, many people will travel by car more and bring their pets along with them. Even at any season or at any point, you will need to carry your dog with you in the car. Like any dog owner, your pet is not only... Read more

Are Hybrid and Electric Cars Cheaper to Insure (21/10/2019)

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes IrelandHybrid and Electric Cars are becoming increasingly popular among families in Ireland. More and more motorists are becoming attracted to their many benefits of eco-friendly motoring, grant schemes, easy to charge access points, and the increased... Read more