The Rules of Having a Learner Permit in Ireland (17/11/2020)

Learner Permit RulesA learner permit was initially known as a provisional licence which has changed its name in recent years. It is an official document issued by the National Driver Licensing Service and is issued to drivers who are learning to drive. You are only allowed to drive on public roads in... Read more

Home Hygiene Tips for Coronavirus (22/04/2020)

coronavirus hygieneCOVID‐19, commonly known as the coronavirus is a global pandemic that has spread across the country of Ireland and worldwide. With the coronavirus spreading at a rapid rate and with global lockdown, self-isolation has become a way of life. We are left with no choice but to do... Read more

Car Hygiene Tips for Coronavirus (06/04/2020)

tips for car hygiene for coronavirusThe COVID‐19 virus, commonly known as Coronavirus has become a global pandemic leading the virus to spread rapidly worldwide. Sanitising surfaces and washing our hands is so... Read more

Calculating the Value of your Home Contents (23/03/2020)

Flat Roof House InsuranceAre you a homeowner, rented property owner, or are moving into a new home? If so, it is important to think about all the valuables and possessions inside your home. If a disaster occurred where your belongings were stolen or damaged, it is important to... Read more

Flat Roof House Insurance Information (09/01/2020)

Flat Roof House InsuranceAs a homeowner, you may not have thought about the type of roof on your house unless it needed maintenance or repairing. The type of roof on your property can make a difference to your home insurance cost. If your home has a standard roof, it is likely to be... Read more