Preparing for your NCT Tips (15/10/2018)

car NCT stands for National Car Test. The days when you didn't have a valid NCT, involved a wink and a nod, and you promised to get the car tested, but everything has changed now. Since December 2014, if you drive without... Read more

Why having Home Insurance is Important (04/09/2018)

home-coverOwning your own home is costly and it may just be one of your biggest and valuable assets in your lifetime. Whether you are buying your own home, you have paid off your mortgage, or you may still be paying your mortgage which takes a chunk of your money every month, along with many other... Read more

Protect your Home while you are on Holiday (02/07/2018)

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Let's face it, no one wants to return home from holiday to realise that burglars called while they were away, but it is a sad reality for many!

While no amount of preparation will prevent every break-in, a ... Read more

FREE Quote Devil Cuddly Toy (18/06/2018)

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If you want a free Quote Devil Teddy just input the word TEDDY in the discount code field when you are buying home insurance from us

Summer Home Cooling Tips (15/06/2018)

With the summer months upon us, keeping ourselves cool is the most obvious thing to do and our first goal is to cool our home effectively. If you are guaranteed a warm summer with heat, sun, and humidity, it marks the beginning of the cooling season. Home cooling does not mean turning up the air conditioning if you... Read more