Protect your Home from The Beast from the East (26/02/2018)

Quotedevil has put together a list of tips to protect your home as Ireland awaits the arrival of "The Beast from the East"

Here are some simple steps you can take to help prevent your pipes from freezing:

  • Leave your central heating on for short periods of time throughout the day
  • Let warm air into your roofspace by... Read more

Ten Cheapest Cars to Insure in Ireland this Year (14/02/2018)

Generally speaking these days, the newer and smaller the car the cheaper the insurance policy will be. Newer cars are considered a lot safer than older ones and insurers look favourably on newer cars with small engines and electric vehicles. If you're looking for a cheap motor insurance policy always... Read more

Insurance Cover for Airbnb Hosts (31/01/2018)

Did you know that if you let out your property or have paying guests stay in the property with you, you may not be covered if the occupants maliciously damage it.

In most cases your insurers will not pay any compensation for damage or loss unless you have specialist protection!

Likewise, if a paying guest suffers a personal injury (through a fall or slipping in the bath) you... Read more

Keeping Your Home Safe this Christmas (22/11/2017)

Whether you are staying at home or going abroad for Christmas it is very important to keep your home safe and secure. We have put together a convenient little guide in order to help you do just that. We know that Christmas is a very busy time for most, from buying presents to putting up your decorations to visiting friends and family. Making sure your home is safe and secure when you are running... Read more

Irish Winter Road Safety Tips (08/11/2017)

Regularly check your Tyres

It is very important to check the tread depth of your tyres especially during the winter months. Thread depth on all tyres must be a minimum of 1.6mm in accordance with Irish law. You need to make sure you change your tyres before they go below this or you could risk getting a hefty fine. This will also help prevent your vehicle skidding during winter... Read more