Keeping Home Safe Christmas (22/11/2017)

Whether you are staying at home or going abroad for Christmas it is very important to keep your home safe and secure. We have put together a convenient little guide in order to help you do just that. We know that Christmas is a very busy time for most, from buying presents to putting up your... Read more

Irish Winter Road Safety Tips (08/11/2017)

Regularly check your Tyres

It is very important to check the tread depth of your tyres especially during the winter months. Thread depth on all tyres must be a minimum of 1.6mm in accordance with Irish law. You need to make sure you change your tyres before they go below this or you could risk getting a hefty fine. This will also help prevent your vehicle skidding during winter... Read more

Protecting Property Storm Damage (01/11/2017)

In light of Ireland's recent bout of bad weather and in the wake of Hurricane Ophelia and Storm Brian, it has never been a better time to make sure your home has the right insurance cover in the event it is damaged by a storm. In order to safeguard the value of your property and make sure you're not out of pocket following similar weather situations in the future, it is very important to... Read more

Cost Car Insurance Ireland (25/10/2017)

Motor Insurance costs shot up hugely in The Republic of Ireland over the last few years with some customers seeing the price of their policy increase by almost 70%. Why did this happen? The list of reasons is long and complex but can be directly linked to under-pricing in the past as insurers were making great returns on investments. However with high investment returns gone insurers had to... Read more

Back to School Tips (28/08/2017)

It's back to School time. Summer's over and a new School year is about to begin.

Before Autumn turns to Winter though, there is still time to get some of those jobs off the list. These will not only make you, your family and home safer - they might also save you some money!

Autumn safety tips for your Family