Tips for Buying your First Car (03/09/2019)

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes IrelandDeciding to buy your first ever car can be an exciting and daunting task. Whether you are getting a loan to finance it, you may have saved up for it, or maybe your parents are stepping in to buy you the car. There are so many things you need to consider... Read more

Tips to protect your Home while you are away (08/07/2019)

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When you go on holiday, rest and relaxation should be top of your priority list, not worrying about your home and valuables left unguarded!

To help ease your mind, we've pulled together a list of 10 things you... Read more

How to avoid travel sickness on car journeys (20/06/2019)

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes IrelandWith the summer holidays upon us, a time where children enjoy a long break ahead of them and for some of us this means a long car journey with the kids.

There is nothing more that will dampen your happy memories of a trip to the... Read more

10 Tips to Pass your Driving Test (07/05/2019)

car alarmThe key to passing your driving test is preparation, determination, and knowledge. Many people are very nervous before taking their driving test which is completely normal. If you have done your homework,... Read more

Driving Offences Ireland Explained (19/03/2019)

car alarmIn Ireland every year, to drive a motor vehicle legally, thousands of people must be issued with a valid driving licence. These include cars, trucks, vans, motorbikes, agricultural machinery, and much more. To ensure a high standard of safety on our roads, anyone driving in Ireland must... Read more