Top Benefits Of Home Security Cameras (23/05/2022)

Determining value of your carSecurity cameras are increasingly becoming an essential part of our security setup in our homes, just as it is on business premises. Property owners are turning to security cameras to improve the security of their homes in light of prevailing security challenges. The... Read more

How to Determine the Value of your Car (25/01/2022)

Determining value of your carWith the day-to-day running of any vehicle, the value of the car may not be important. However, if you are considering selling, upgrading, or reshuffling your finances, the value of your vehicle will become important. Your car is usually the second largest purchase you'll make in a... Read more

The Best Car Games to Keep Kids Entertained (12/01/2022)

Car Games for Kids

Family road trips are an amazing way to spend quality time as a family at any time of the year. They are perfect for making memories, bonding, and storytelling before the holiday begins. The only problem is, kids can get bored and don't enjoy the long drive as much as parents so keeping... Read more

The Importance of having a Smoke Alarm in your Home (16/11/2021)

BER Home

Fire is one of the deadliest risks that homeowners can face. Few people realise how quickly and easily a fire can start in the home. In the unfortunate event of a fire, you could risk losing your home to major damage, obtain serious injuries, the possibility of death, and even complete destruction of the... Read more

Essential Things you should keep in your Car (12/10/2021)

BER Home

With the winter season fast approaching, now is a great time to get your car organised and in order. Whether you are driving to work or heading out for a long road trip away, no one ever expects long delays or to even break down, but these things do happen and drivers tend to be less equipped to... Read more