The importance of having a Home Alarm System (04/02/2019)

car alarmHaving a home alarm system installed can be expensive but not having one could cost you a lot more. Burglaries are on the rise so it has never been more important to have an alarm system in the household. Protecting your property should be your top priority not just for your family... Read more

The Importance of Having a Car Alarm (07/01/2019)

car alarmMost vehicles today are manufactured with built-in car alarms however it is still a great idea to keep up to date with the latest developments and improvements. A lot of older security systems can be bypassed by experienced car thieves, this is why it is important to upgrade your vehicle alarm system.... Read more

Penalty Points for Driving Offences Explained (18/12/2018)

convicted-driverIn 2002, Ireland introduced the Penalty Points system for all driving offences. In 2006, Ireland also introduced a fixed charge fine for any motor vehicle driving offences. The... Read more

How to Reduce your Insurance Cost if you Have a Driving Conviction (29/11/2018)

convicted-driver Every year in Ireland, driving licences are issued to thousands of people who drive motor vehicles. These vehicles include Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks, Machinery, Vans, etc. To maintain the high standards of road safety, it is important that... Read more

Why Compare Travel Insurance (05/11/2018)

holiday No matter what trip you are planning abroad, it is important to stay protected and purchase travel insurance. Whether it is a single trip, multi trips around the world, or even a backpacker trip, having travel insurance is essential. Purchasing a travel... Read more