Autumn Driving Tips (10/11/2016)

The dry, calm conditions meant that we all enjoyed a lovely Autumn display on the trees but as the dry spell comes to an end and winds are forecast, all of those leaves are going to end up on the ground - a lot of them on our roads.

That will mean a big change in the driving conditions. We've pulled together some tips to help you cope with this and other late Autumn... Read more

Halloween Precautions (17/10/2016)

Halloween, it's a great time of the year! Kids get loads of treats and we all have an excuse to dress up.

All that good fun also helps ease us into the changing of the clocks and the shorter days.

As the Bank Holiday weekend approaches, we'll see longer evenings and unfortunately, this can be good news for burglars who use the cover of darkness.

Statistics show... Read more

Prepare Your Home For Winter (23/08/2016)

You know the story: "Prevention is better than cure".

While insurance is there to make things better in the event of accidental damage, it is cheaper, easier and safer to prevent damage in the first place. Use the 5 tips below to make your home safer before the Winter and save money!

Remember, every insurance policy carries an 'excess'. This is the... Read more

Best Value Travel Insurance (11/11/2015)

We are delighted to be featured again in the Sunday independent last Sunday. The article states: `Travel Insurance. Fancy a skiiing trip or a jaunt across the United States in a car with the kids screaming in the back seat? Travel insurance is probably a good idea. Price here is for a nuclear family of two adults and two children aged 45, 45, 8 and 6. Its annual cover including Winter Sports and... Read more

Best Value Mature Driver Insurance (15/10/2015)

Once again we are mentioned in the Make Me Richer section of the Sunday Independent on the 11th October 2015.

It states: Much car insurance focuses on the young, but what about mature members of society? Price is for a 73 year old retired man with a full Irish Licence held for over 20 years, with his 69 year old wife a named driver on the Toyota Auris 1.4 diesel. No claims, penalty... Read more