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The Importance of Having a Car Alarm

car alarmMost vehicles today are manufactured with built-in car alarms however it is still a great idea to keep up to date with the latest developments and improvements. A lot of older security systems can be bypassed by experienced car thieves, this is why it is important to upgrade your vehicle alarm system. Crime can affect anyone even when you least expect it An automobile alarm is a simple device that is installed into a vehicle to discourage the theft of a person's vehicle or parts of the vehicle. If someone attempts to break into your car, the alarm will sound off alerting individuals in close proximity An alarm system is essential especially if you park your car in a public place. Read on and learn why having a car alarm is important and a few other interesting facts too!

The History of Car Alarms

In the 1920s the first automotive immobiliser was created by St. George Evans and Edward Birkenbuel. Their early attempt in creating a car alarm was very similar to the car system that we currently have in place in modern day systems. The vehicle owner would set up a combination of switches, only that person would know the combination which would then deactivate when starting the vehicle. If you did not know the sequence, the current from the key's ignition would be directed straight to the motor horn which would sound until stopped or the battery went dead.

Types of Car Alarms

Modern-day alarm systems are a combination of the following:

Passive Alarm

The passive alarm system is the most common type on the market. It activates automatically once the key is removed from the engine and the doors are locked.

Active Car Alarms

Unlike passive alarms, the active alarm must be switched on by the user. Once the user locks the vehicle an additional alarm system must be activated. It gives the user more control than the passive alarms.


If your motor is stolen, the tracking system in the car can help the authorities and the owner to track down the car's location using GPS. It is not as common or as widely used at present but will be more common place in the near future. The vehicle can be tracked online or via a message sent to their registered device.


The car is immobilised if something other than the key is placed into the system. It usually activates the emergency lights or locks the steering wheel.

Audible Alarm

With this type of security, your cars lighting system will be activated. The alarm will also sound the vehicle’s horn constantly until stopped by the owner. This is a one of the most common types of security system on the market today.

Silent Alarm

If the silent alarm is activated, it sends a message to the owner which will then allow them to notify the authorities. It is silent to everyone except the owner.

Why you need a Car Alarm?

  • Decrease Insurance Cost

In both newer and older model vehicles, installing an alarm system can often lower your car insurance premium. You will pay a lower premium compared to a person who does not have a security system fitted in their motor. Safety and security are some of the indicators that insurance company's use when calculating your overall insurance cost. If your risk of car theft is reduced, then this usually equates to lowering your insurance cost with any insurance company.
  • Lower your Risk of Thieves

A thief will always prefer any easy target especially motors that are vulnerable and that are parked in public car parks. Having a car alarm system that is of high quality installed or even an alarm logo of a security system present, will deter any thieves. Your alarm sounding off can potentially frighten off the thieves.
  • Vehicle Resale Value

If you are planning on selling your car, it is definitely worth having a high-quality vehicle alarm system installed as this will help raise the selling price of the motor. A lot of buyers will pay extra for a motor with an alarm system. The buyer will also feel more confident in purchasing from you and also leaving the vehicle in a public place.
  • Manual Alarms

Many alarm systems now allow for manual alarms to beep or set off, so if you have trouble trying to find your automobile in a parking lot, this will come in handy. With a push of a button, your security system can be activated letting you know where your vehicle is located.
  • Gives you Peace of Mind

Having an immobilisation unit and an alarm installed in your vehicle will give you peace of mind knowing that your motor is safe when you are not around.
  • Smartphone Application

With most vehicle alarm systems, they now have a smartphone application. This will allow the user to turn it off and on remotely. It also gives you complete control over the security of your vehicle at all times.