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Prepare Your Home For Winter

You know the story: "Prevention is better than cure".

While insurance is there to make things better in the event of accidental damage, it is cheaper, easier and safer to prevent damage in the first place. Use the 5 tips below to make your home safer before the Winter and save money!

Remember, every insurance policy carries an 'excess'. This is the amount that you need to pay before the insurance cover kicks in. Typically for water damage (the most common winter claim) this amount is €500 but it could be as high as €1000 . So it pays to do some Winter Preparation on your home.

Sort out your home insurance

Check your home insurance policy! Don't just make sure that it is up to date, but check the cover to be sure that what you think you have insured, is actually insured! Are your outbuildings covered? Is the shed insured?

Protect your pipes

Probably the cause of most winter claims are burst pipes. There are a number of ways to prevent it but probably the simplest is to insulate them! Fitting a cheap foam lagging to pipes in the attic now, may save you hundreds in Insurance excess when it comes time to repair the damage after a leak!

Service your boiler!

A poorly maintained boiler costs more to run and may produce carbon monoxide which is lethal! Get your boiler serviced or switch to a new, more efficient model. With grants available from SEAI, pay-back can be just a couple of years from savings on fuel.

Bleed the radiators

Seems like a silly one, but you'd be amazed at how many people suffer through a cold winter indoors because their radiators are not working properly! Bleeding the rads is needed if they are colder at the top than they are at the bottom. This is caused by air inside them. It's a simple task to do and will make your home more comfortable.

Trim the Tree – and not just for Christmas!

It might be a bit early for Christmas Tree trimming, but it is perfect timing for you to consider the trees near your property. Are they getting to close to the house? Are they getting too big for the site? As we experience more frequent, and more violent storms, your prize garden ornament may cause considerable damage to your property. Get the experts in if your trees need a trim!