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Ten Cheapest Cars to Insure in Ireland this Year

Generally speaking these days, the newer and smaller the car the cheaper the insurance policy will be. Newer cars are considered a lot safer than older ones and insurers look favourably on newer cars with small engines and electric vehicles. If you're looking for a cheap motor insurance policy always check the vehicle's grouping/rating with your insurance company before committing to buy. Have a look at the list below of some examples of cheaper cars to insurer. However people don't realise that the individual car is also a factor, not just the model. The insurer will look to see if It has been sold many times or been involved in a collision. If so it may rate higher, so if you're buying one of the below models be sure to get a quote with the exact registration before purchasing.
  • 2014 or newer 1.0 ltr Volkswagen Polo

  • The Volkswagen Polo is produced by a German manufacturer. It is sold in varieties of hatchback, sedan, and estate. The newest Polo trendline pricing starts from €16,795 for a 1.0 litre engine. The new polo is a 5-door model which comes in a choice of 14 colours and 3 dash pad colours. It is a reassuringly safe and reassuringly innovative car. No matter how relaxed you are on the road, it will impress you again and again. With its new sporty and striking look, the polo looks more confident than ever. See the new Polo at: Volkswagen Polo
  • 2014 or newer 1.0 ltr Volkswagen UP

  • The new Volkswagen Up range is the compact city car with fresh and individual designs to suit everyone's taste perfectly. It comes in a 3 door or 5 door range. Choose from 10 different exterior colours and two optional contrasting colours for the roof and a choice of 7 different wheels. The new up interior is a real eye catcher. Choose 7 modern seat covers and nine dash pads. The interior is unique and intelligently made with plenty of room for some of your ideas. The pricing starts for the 3 doors from €11,995 and the 5 doors from €12,495.
  • 2014 or newer 1.0 ltr Citroen C1

  • The newest Citroen C1 is a sassy and stylish ideal run around city car. It comes in 3 or 5 door versions. The interior is the original styling and has a very urban design. There are 8 exterior colours to choose from and you can also personalise a two-tone colour scheme. With its compact dimensions, you can take this motor anywhere. This design will make everyday life easier. There are plenty of features all designed for your comfort, from automated air conditioning, rear folding seats, remote locking, memory settings for the front seats on the 3-door version, and much more. Starting price for the 5-door car from €13,595.
  • 2014 or newer 1.0 ltr Peugeot 107

  • The Peugeot 107 is produced by the major French manufacturer Peugeot. It comes in 3 or 5 door models. With modern and elegant designs, these vehicles are recognisable at a glance. This model can only be bought second hand as it stopped production in 2014. The 107 completely changed in 2009, it improved both the interior and exterior finish and improved the fuel economy. The best price for a 107 for cars from 17 to 24 years old is €1,022, but there would generally be other costs involved with buying second hand cars for upgrades or repairs.
  • 2014 or newer 1.0 ltr Nissan Micra

  • The new Nissan Micra has won new small car of the year for 2018. The new Micra is an iconic and impressive exterior design. it features the perfect balance between sporty and day to day needs. It features super bright LED headlights, stylish front grill, front fog lights, hidden rear door handles, alloy wheels, and much more. the interior is very spacious and creates a unique atmosphere and energising driving experience. The steering wheel is a D shaped with control buttons and sporty rev counter to create that race car feels to it. There are stunning colour trim features throughout the car also. See the all new award winning Nissan Micra! New Nissan Micra
  • 2014 or newer 1.0 ltr Fiat 500

  • The Fiat 500 is the sassiest and smartest city car to drive. Everything about this car speaks of class and excellence. There are various colours to choose from for the exterior and they also do a bi tone colour scheme. This car is for the perfectionists. It features stunning interior, front grill, LED day time lighting, electric sun top roof down, u connect radio, and much more. The pricing on this car starts from €11,615. The average price on insurance premium is €994. This price will fluctuate, so you should carefully compare it to other car ranges before buying the Fiat 500.
  • 2014 or newer 1.0 ltr Picanto

  • The all new Kia Picanto is the Irish city car of the year 2018. It features 5 different exterior colours to choose from and different sized alloy wheels options. A very eye-catching interior, sleek headlamps, and much more. It is the future of driver assistance technology designed to increase road safety by warning and braking automatically. It will also detect Collision risks. The price for this vehicle ranges from €13,295 brand new. The Kia Picante has a 7-year warranty and even if you sell the car to someone else this will be transferred to the new owners. The bottom line insurance for this car would be considered reasonable cheap at in and around the €706 price range.
  • 2014 or newer 1.0 ltr Toyota AYGO

  • These day it is one of the most affordable cars to buy on the road and also one of the most affordable to insure. It won the prestigious award of "Best City Car" in the 2017 Auto Express survey. What is so great about this vehicle? It is easily customised, features a pre-collison system as standard and a lane departure alert system. On the other hand, it is most liked for it's economy and spacious inside. Unless you compare insurance companies, you will never really know what is the cheapest you can get cover on this car for.
  • 2014 or newer 1.0 ltr Skoda Citigo

  • The Citigo is an award-winning car that features 5 doors and starts price range from €8,985. It is a clever, smart and comfortable styled economical vehicle. It features a large boot with 959 litres to be exact with the rear seats down. This is the car for you if you are looking for a classy and unique motor to drive. The average insurance premium price on this vehicle would be €1,031 for a 17 to 24-year-old which wouldn't generally be the cheapest, so you should compare your quotes on other similar class vehicles. The first time you see this car you know it has the features of a real Skoda.
  • 2014 or newer 100% Electric Nissan LEAF

  • Get ready for a whole new way to drive with the Electric Nissan Leaf Nissan Leaf. The amazing Nissan leaf is the world's bestselling electric vehicle making driving a whole new experience. It features advanced technologies like e-pedal, automatic emergency breaking, pro pilot and much more. There is an easier charging up process than before and with a 40% more range there is never a better time to go electric. Prices range from €29,590. The average premium quoted for the Nissan Leaf is €888. This would be generally high due the fact that electric cars repair cost are quite high on all parts that would be needed.