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10 Tips to Pass your Driving Test

car alarmThe key to passing your driving test is preparation, determination, and knowledge. Many people are very nervous before taking their driving test which is completely normal. If you have done your homework, practiced, and are fully prepared, there should be no issue when it comes to passing your driving test. A driving test can be a nerve-wrecking time for anyone, but with our helpful tips, it will make it an easier and less stressful process for you.

1. Plenty of practice

To successfully pass your driving test, it is important to practice as often as you can. Get as much driving time as you possibly can. Get behind the wheel and get comfortable with the controls of the vehicle. It would also benefit you to get driving lessons from a qualified driving instructor which will get you prepared for your full driving test and for a lifetime of driving with a full license.

2. Know the area

If your test is in your local town, it is worth driving around getting to know the area, the streets, housing estates, complicated roundabouts, and any crossroads before your test.

3. Adjust your car before starting

While you are in the vehicle, anything that you do is going to be watched by an instructor who is testing you. Before you even start the car, turn off the radio, adjust your mirrors, ensure you have your seatbelt fastened, and that your signal lights are all working.

4. Always obey the speed limits

Pay close attention to your speed and that you are not going over the speed limits that are posted on the road. It is very easy to fail your road test if you go over the speed limits that are signposted on the roads. On the other hand, do not drive too slowly either, just keep under the speed limit slightly while driving.

5. Stop at all stop signs

Slamming on the brakes when you are approaching a stop sign is a very easy way of losing points and you more than likely will not passing your road test. If you see a sign from a distance, start slowing down so you are able to stop gently on time at any red light or stop sign.

6. Use your turn signals

When making a right or a left turn, you must use your turn signals, if you do not use them, you will lose points on your driving test. Some driving instructors may tell you that you do not need the turning signals if you are already in a turning lane but it is always a better idea to use them anyway especially during a driving test.

7. Practice parallel parking

You're driving instructor can help teach you how to parallel park in the proper way. Practice forward parking, reverse parking, and driving into tight spaces. You must be a meter from the back of the car in front, and from the front of the car behind you. When backing up the car always be looking behind you. Don’t just use your mirrors, your own eyes are more reliable. Turn your head if you are parallel parking to see exactly what you are doing and how much space you have to maneuver your vehicle.

8. Practice and know your junctions

Your main junctions are roundabouts, T junctions, and crossroads. Always observe road signs and approach all junctions with ease. This will allow you to observe and decide whether to stop, give way, or proceed. Before moving out onto the road, always look both ways at least twice.

9. Take a Mock driving test

Take a mock test with an entirely different instructor’s school. This mock test will prepare you for the real driving test. The instructor will be able to identify the gaps in your skills and abilities and tell you which you need to work on to help you to successfully pass your test. Driving instructors prepare people for driving tests every day so you are in capable hands.

10. Arrive Early

Never arrive late at your test, always arrive at least 30 minutes beforehand. The last thing you want is to arrive flustered and stressed. Getting there early will mean you will feel more prepared and calmer. Go for a walk around the test centre and the fresh air will help calm your nerves too. Give yourself the best chance of passing your full license driving test with these helpful tips. Remember to stay calm, breath, and don’t forget to ask questions if necessary. Also, find out tips on how to prepare for your NCT.