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Autumn and Winter Driving Tips

As we say goodbye to the summer season, the long stretch in the evenings becomes shorter and mornings darker. The weather gets a bit chillier and we should be mindful of the inevitable cold weather coming. Accidents are known to increase as the weather changes, so we would like to give you some food for thought to help you be best prepared for the upcoming Autumn/Winter season.

Before you hit the road, this useful cold weather Car Maintenance check list will get you off to a good start;
1. Check Antifreeze/coolant and fill if necessary. 2. Check your tyres: Measure the depth of the tread; 6/32 of an inch for driving in snow, 4/32 of an inch for driving in wet conditions. Look for splits or bulges and check pressure. 3. Maintain visibility - Check and replace windscreen wipers if needed. Use wiper fluid in the place of water as it freezes in winter! Look for protection down to -10 degrees Celsius. 4. Check oil. If it looks thick or unusually dark, start the season right with a fresh oil change. 5. Check your battery. If it`s older than 3 years, you might want to consider replacing it. Drained batteries are one of the highest reported cause of breakdown in Ireland. 6. Check the weather forecast for your area or where you plan to travel to!

While you`re on the road here is some winter driving tips;
1. Use low gears to maintain traction especially on steep hills. Never push the accelerator to the floor & try to maintain a steady pressure/speed. 2. Don`t pass snow plows or sanding trucks, they have very limited visibility and may not see you. 3. Remember that bridges and overpasses freeze first. 4. Keep your headlights on low beam during the day. 5. Do not use cruise control on icy roads. 6. Allow space between you and the vehicle in front for additional breaking distances. 7. As always be mindful of cyclists and pedestrians. More so on wet and cold days because their exposure to the elements may affect their concentration.

If you get stranded at the side of the road waiting for your breakdown service to rescue you, these are great things to keep in the boot:
1. Blanket, First Aid Kit & Water 2. Working torch or flashlight with extra batteries 3. Reflective triangle and Highly reflective over vest 4. Ice scraper/ snow brush and boots 5. Extra Phone battery charger / car charger 6. Matches and toilet roll in a ziplock bag 7. Don`t forget the kids! Have some entertainment ready for them, preferably ones that don`t run out of batteries. Books, snacks, colouring supplies, travel games and a pack of cards, will keep them entertained while help is on the way.

We hope you never have to use the Emergency Car kit above and that these tips have better prepared you for the change in driving conditions. From all of us here at Quote Devil, have a safe winter driving season.