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Prevent Your Car Being Stolen

How to Prevent Your Car from Being Stolen At Quotedevil, we have put together a short list of useful tips to help you make your vehicle less of a target to potential thieves and vandals. We know some may seem a bit obvious but as always you can never be too careful !

Always keep track of your keys and never leave them lying around

When at home make sure they are out of sight and away from windows, cat flaps and especially your letter box. Thieves have been known to use a "fishing" technique to retrieve keys through letter boxes or open windows in a matter of seconds by using hooks and wire. When out and about make sure your keys are securely in your pocket or handbag and never leave them lying on a table in a restaurant.

Make sure you have a car alarm or anti-theft system in place

An image of a car and car alarm parts This is the best was to deter criminals. Make it obvious that you have an alarm by putting the alarm sticker on your window and make sure the alarm LED is flashing. If you can't afford to have a car alarm fitted you can buy a blinking alarm style LED for your dashboard to look as though you have a working alarm system in place. After all, if there are a row of cars and a criminal is looking for their next target, they are less likely to be attracted to the vehicle that appears to have an alarm.

Never leave your car running or unlocked while unattended

We have all done it, started the car and remembered we need to nip back into the house to grab something or left the car running in the garden to de-ice or de-fog our windows in the morning. It is essential to remember to never leave your vehicle unlocked. Again it's one of those things we have all done without thinking, when bringing in our shopping or paying for fuel in the petrol station. Last year in Ireland and the UK a number of cars were stolen, mostly during the winter months by people doing the above. It only takes a thief a matter of seconds to make off with your vehicle.

Park near security cameras or in a well-lit and busy area

A good tip is to try and park as near to the supermarket/shop/bar or restaurant entrance as possible so that your vehicle is always in sight of customers who are coming and going. Likewise, in a car park, park as close to the parking meter or ticket machine as you can. Park under street lights at night-time and in clear view of street CCTV cameras making your vehicle less of a target. If you park your car outside your house at night, install a motion detector light that will light up if anyone approaches your vehicle. If your property has a garage use it! Far less cars are stolen from garages than from the street.

Never have any valuables on display and make sure your sat-nav is not on view when you are leaving your vehicle

It is also important to make sure not only your bag or laptop is locked in the boot but also any jackets or coats. These can attract thieves who might think there is cash in the pockets. According to An Garda Siochana, the most popular items stolen from cars in Ireland are electronics, tools, cash and handbags.

Install a GPS Tracker and have an immobiliser fitted on your car

Thieves are less likely to steal your vehicle if they know it can be traced and recovered quickly. It is also good to note that most insurers will offer a discount on your policy if you have either a GPS tracker or immobiliser in place.

Get a "club lock " for your vehicle and put it on the steering wheel whenever your vehicle is unattended

Although these are said to be "easy" for professional thieves to remove they are still a deterrent and prove far more of a hassle compared to a vehicle without one. Find out more tips to avoid getting your car stolen!