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Benefits of Having a Dashcam in your Car

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes IrelandThe dashboard camera, also known as the dashcam is now becoming a popular accessory in many vehicles. The main purpose of the camera is to record every image and sound while you are driving. These cameras can be installed on commercial vehicles, motorbikes, and passenger cars. They are available to buy online or in a store at very affordable prices that range from €59 up to €359, depending on the type of quality and price that you are looking for. Roads that are busy make for difficult driving conditions. The dashcam will record everything that is happening in front of you in the event of an accident. Many drivers will install forward and rear-facing cameras. Some dashcams offer a more sophisticated functionality so if you find you are about to nod off while driving or you are even not keeping your eyes on the road, the inward facing camera will alert you of this. They have a long battery life, are non-obtrusive, and most record in a continuous loop which means the older footage will be replaced. Some of the more expensive cameras can record even if the car is off, as they come with GPS sensors or motion sensors that overlay the location, time, and speed. Let's take a look at some of the main benefits:

  • Having a record/video evidence in the event of an accident

  • Dashcams can provide valuable evidence in the event of a Collison or an accident. A lot of the time, many drivers can have completely different descriptions and memories of the accident. Having a record and video proof will show if you were at fault or responsible for the crash or not. The camera will save you from being found at fault and in the event of being at fault, you would receive higher insurance rates. Once the car is started, most cameras begin recording and record on a loop so new footage will replace the old one although not all models will function like this. They provide real time and efficient proof in the event of an accident.

  • Crimes will be captured

  • Some of the more advanced cameras work like a car alarm and the camera will turn on if there is any motion detected in or around the vehicle. If someone tries to break into your vehicle or crashes into it while it is parked, then all of this will be captured on the footage. The footage will help you identify the car responsible or the individual. If you are unable to find the individual, your insurance company will view the footage and prove how your car obtained this damage.

  • The car can be monitored when being used

  • Like every parent, when your child takes your car out for a drive, you may be a little concerned in knowing if they are driving responsibly or not. Installing a dash cam is an effective way of keeping an eye on the way your children are driving. Some of the dash cams have a GPS feature showing a real time location as to where your vehicle is currently located.

  • Prevents against insurance fraud

  • Nowadays, there are many drivers who may deliberately cause an accident and they may say that the other person caused the accident in an effort to gain money from the insurance company. If there is a dashcam installed in your vehicle, then all journeys that are driven will be recorded. If you are involved in an accident, there will be sufficient proof whether the accident was intentionally done by the other party.

  • Business owners with a fleet can track their vehicles efficiently

  • Every business will greatly benefit from installing dash cameras into their vehicles. It is a very effective way of keeping an eye on where your vehicle is driven and if you have a strict no mobile phone policy while driving, this can be monitored also. By utilising this technology, you will be able to see who isn't following company policy.

  • Unexpected events can be captured

  • A dashcam can capture any unexpected incidents while driving such as an accident on the road. a burglary, a serious crime or maybe a tree falling during stormy weather. In the event you need to make a claim, the video footage will be on hand to prove any unexpected events while you were driving. Many of the videos you see online that feature abnormal activity of accidents on the road usually come from dash cameras.

  • Dashcams can make you a better driver

  • Reviewing you're driving footage from previous weeks can help you in correcting you're driving mistakes in the long term such as switching lanes abruptly or braking too hard.

    There are so many advantages to having a dash cam installed in your vehicle. They record all the critical moments on the road, making them very effective in many situations. There are many different models to buy on the market and are available at very affordable prices. Dashcams all have different features and specifications, and their is something to suit everyone.