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Named Driver Insurance

When it comes to getting your own car and running it, there can be many expenses. Quote Devil gives drivers with little experience the chance to get a Named Driver Insurance policy which will ensure drivers get the experience that they need until they feel they are ready for their own policy. If you are looking to start driving and you are a young driver, the best way to start is by being added to someone else's insurance policy. Here at Quote Devil, we are at the forefront of Named Driver Insurance policies and are dedicated to all our customers in achieving the right results, simple and quick. We are the leading insurance providers in Ireland, offering the cheapest and lowest quotes where possible.

What is Named Driver Insurance?

Named driver insurance simply means a first-time driver who is inexperienced being added to often a parent's insurance policy, making that person the named driver. The other person may also be happy as they may get added benefits of their premium policy such as it been potentially lowered.

How do you apply

Named Driver Insurance If you are looking to be placed onto another person's insurance policy to get named driver experience, then the person who holds the policy will need to phone their insurer and advise them of this. With Quote Devil, we have insurers available that offer discounts if your named driver is on the other persons car policy for over 5 years. If you do not have 5 years or more experience, we can still cover you and offer a reduction on the premium provided you have a 1-year claim free driving experience.

If you seek to have an insurance policy of your own, a letter will be needed to provide proof that you were a named driver on another person's policy.


Fronting simply means when a named driver is added to another person's policy but most of the driving is done by the driver who is inexperienced. Thought needs to be given on how often the car will be used and when you are considering insuring a young driver. Very often the named driver uses the car more often than the person who holds the policy.

Having a Named driver Insurance is a great way to lower your premium car insurance policy for a few years. Why not get a free online quote today or simply give one of our team members a call.

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