Bank Holiday Weekend Driving Tips (28/04/2017)

Bank Holiday weekends are a busy time on Irish roads as people head away for a break.

Before you take to the road today, take a few minutes to consider these tips to save you time, hassle, money and maybe even your life!

  • Make a basic mechanical check of the car. Check your fuel level, lights, oil level, coolant levels, tyre pressure, is there windscreen wiper fluid?
  • Wear your seat belt, don't speed and Never drink and drive!
  • Get your directions sorted before you leave. Fumbling with a phone for maps or an email or text directions is the cause of a huge number of accidents every year. Don't use your phone for anything while driving.
  • Seriously, check your fuel levels! The AA report that they are called out to a dozen cars that have completely run out of fuel.
  • If you're tired, pull over someone safe and grab a coffee or take a 15 minute nap.
  • Don't drive home if you think you might still be over the limit or if you are severly hung-over!

Enjoy your weekend!