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Back to School Tips

It's back to School time. Summer's over and a new School year is about to begin.

Before Autumn turns to Winter though, there is still time to get some of those jobs off the list. These will not only make you, your family and home safer - they might also save you some money!

Autumn safety tips for your Family

  • If your children walk or cycle to School, you should make sure that they have the correct safety equipment. Pick up some High Visibility vests that will fit OVER their schoolbags - there's not much point wearing them under a huge bag full of books.
  • Get a good cycling helmet, make sure it fits properly and WEAR IT - it could save your life.
  • Every kid cycling to School should do a cycling safety or proficiency course. Most Schools will run them but if they don't, check out your local council's website. These courses are great for making kids aware of the potential dangers on the road.
  • If you drive your kids to School, ensure that you have the appropriate seats in your car and that they are properly fitted! Remember, it doesn't matter how short the drive, if your child is under 150cm in height or 36kg in weight they must use a child restraint system suitable for their height and weight (child car seat or booster cushion).

Autumn safety tips for your Home

  • If you have an open fire or stove, have your chimney cleaned! This could prevent chimney fires.
  • Have your heating boiler serviced to improve its efficiency and prevent Carbon Monoxide production.
  • Fit Carbon Monoxide Alarms!

Autumn safety tips for your Car

  • Check your tyres - before you know it the roads will be covered in fallen leaves and standing water. You will need all of the grip you can get.