Discount Life Insurance Quotes

Quote Devil deal with a number of different Irish based Life Assurance companies who are all regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. There can be a huge variance in life assurance prices from company to company so it is important every few years to make sure you are not overpaying for life assurance. We have qualified financial advisers here to help you and can review your existing life assurance and serious illness or specified Illness cover. If you need life insurance for family protection or want a quote to compare to your existing cover, complete our on-line application and we will get back to you with a prompt quotation.

Life Assurance Quotes


Life Assurance Quotes

If you have given up smoking you could save a small fortune on your premium. The single biggest item effecting life assurance premiums and the cost is whether you are a smoker or not. if you have given up smoking you may be able to avail of non-smoker life assurance rates and literally save thousands of euro a year, or over the course of the policy. You can get a financial review done and then get advice off one of our Qualified Financial advisers who can explain all of the jargon, from conversation options and term life cover to whole of life insurance. They will talk you through what they are and the types of cover and then talk you through what is the most beneficial for you. We can also advise on how much cover you should take out which is dependent on family and income and give you the lowest premium for the level of life cover you require.

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