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How to Reduce the Cost of your Policy?

We know insurance can be a big expense so at QuoteDevil we are constantly helping our customers find the right cover at an affordable price. We have put together a list of tips to help you reduce your premium. From building up your bonus to adding a named driver, increasing your excess to having a home or car alarm, we are dedicated to getting you great cover at a great price!

Compare Quotes to save

It goes without saying that you should shop around when it comes to your insurance. There are many insurance companies offering cover at a variety of different prices. However, we know that this process can be both time-consuming and mind-boggling! At QuoteDevil we can do the hard work for you. We have a number of different insurers and polices to choose from in order to find you the cover you want at a price that suits you.

House insurance Online

Build a No claims discount

Building up your No Claims Bonus is the best way of reducing your home or motor insurance premium. Did you know you save up to 55% on the cost of your policy by having a Full No Claims Bonus or 6+ Years of claims free driving on a policy in your own name? Now that really is a saving!!

Avoid Over-valuing your vehicle

Car Insurance

One of the biggest mistakes people make when taking out their car insurance policy is over valuing their vehicle. It is very important to keep in mind that an insurer will only pay out the market value on your vehicle in the event of a claim and not necessarily what you have said the car is worth at the time of purchasing your policy.

Increase your Excess to reduce costs

Did you know that by increasing the excess (the amount you pay in the event of a claim) on your policy can reduce your annual premium? Most policies have a standard excess of €250 but by increasing this to €350 or even €500 can save you up to 15% on the overall cost of your policy.

Adding another driver to your policy

Adding your spouse or partner to your motor policy, as long as they have a full licence, can reduce your motor insurance premium. Likewise, adding a named driver to your motor policy that has full time use of their own vehicle can also bring down the cost of your car insurance.

Where do you park your car?

Where you park your vehicle overnight can have an effect of the cost of your motor policy. Parking your car on your driveway or on private property rather than on a public road can mean a saving of up to €60 on your annual motor insurance premium.

Pay your Insurance in one go

Although paying by direct debit can sometimes seem like the better option it is important to note that it can work out as a more expensive option. Choosing to pay by direct debit can increase the cost of your policy by up to 20%, so if possible try to pay upfront and avoid the extra cost that goes with direct debits.

Have a proper Car Security system

Having working security features on your vehicle can reduce the cost of your motor insurance policy by up to 15%. Things like a working alarm, an immobiliser and a vehicle tracker can help bring down the cost of your policy as well as give you peace of mind.