House Insurance Key Benefits

Standard Home Insurance Benefits

  • 24 hour emergency help line 1800 208 408
  • Liability to Public €1,300,000
  • Fire brigade call out charges €2,000
  • Accidental Damage on Buildings and Contents - Optional
  • Fire smoke lightning explosion or earthquake Cover
  • Storm or Flood Cover
  • Subsidence Cover
  • Cover against Theft, Riot, Civil, Labour or Political disturbance
  • Vandalism Cover
  • Escape of water from the bursting of any fixed domestic water or heating instillation.
  • Escape of Oil
  • Falling trees or branches
  • Falling aerials
  • Breakage of fixed Glass or sanitary ware
  • Service pipes & cables
  • Rent & Alternative accommodation

Buildings Insurance Cover Benefits

  • Cost of tracing and accessing a leak €750
  • Rent and alternative accommodation - 20% of the total Buildings sum insured

Contents Insurance Cover Benefits

  • Liability to Domestic employees €2,600,000
  • Deep Freezer Contents cover unlimited
  • Personal money up to €400
  • Credit Cards up to €650
  • Door lock replacement up to €700
  • Contents in the garden up to €500
  • Title deeds up to €650
  • Free 10% increase in contents sum insured for weddings and Christmas
  • Rent and alternative accommodation - 20% of the total Contents sum insured

Insurance Assumptions

You qualify for an instant online quote if:

  • The premises being insured are not under construction or renovation.
  • The premises are not let to students.
  • Neither you nor any others residing with you have in the last three years:
  • Made more than two household insurance claims nor
  • Made claims totalling more than €5,000 nor
  • Suffered any theft loss from the premises nor
  • Had any claim made against you
  • Neither you nor any others residing with you ever been refused insurances or had any special terms, restrictions or conditions imposed by any Insurer.
  • Neither you nor any others residing with you have ever been convicted or received a caution from the Gardai or have a prosecution pending for any offence involving arson or other damage or loss of property or dishonesty of any kind (eg theft handling stolen goods, robbery, fraud etc )
  • The premises is built of brick stone or concrete and roofed with slates tiles or other incombustible materials.
  • Not more than 20% of the roof is flat or has a mineral felt covering.
  • Specified item of €15,000 and over need to have a standard safe meeting required regulations and an alarm in the property. The item also must be kept in the safe at all times when not worn.
  • Contents of €100,000 and over require an alarm in the property.
  • The premises is maintained in a good state of repair and free from any signs of external or internal cracks.
  • The premises are fully occupied and will not be unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days in any one year.
  • The premises is not used for business or commercial purposes.
  • The premises has never suffered damage through flood nor is there a history of such damage in the area.
  • The premises show no signs of damage which may be attributable to subsidence, heave or landslip.
  • The premises has never been monitored for subsidence heave or landslip nor has it ever been subject to a survey which mentions settlement or movement of the premises nor has it ever been underpinned.
  • The premises is not subject to a Preservation Order.
  • You currently hold, or have held, home insurance for the Premises within the last 12 months (this assumption does not apply if you have only acquired the premises within the last 12 months).

Buildings Over 100 years or Greater

A dwelling over 100 years is only acceptable if it:

  • Is in a good state of repair
  • It has been re-wired and re-plumbed in the last 25 years
    • If a property has not been re-wired or replumbed a professional report confirming the condition of the wiring and/or plumbing is required before cover can be considered.
  • Has been re-roofed in the last 40 years
    • If the property has not been re-roofed an engineer’s report confirming the condition of the roof is required before cover can be considered.
  • Is occupied on a full-time basis.

The property is occupied by tenants

  • There is a formal rental agreement for a period of no less than 12 months in place between the proposer(s) and the tenant(s).


It is a condition precedent of liability under the Policy that:

  • The Premises are fitted with the following security devices:
    • All external doors are fitted with mortice deadlocks or deadlocking rim latches
    • All French doors and/or patio doors are fitted with appropriate security locks
  • Whenever the Premises are left unattended
    • All doors and windows are closed and fastened
    • All door locks as stated above are in full and effective operation
    • All keys are removed from locks and kept in a secure place


Failure to disclose material facts could result in your policy being invalidated/cancelled, a claim not being paid or difficulty for you in obtaining insurance in the future. Material facts are those facts which might influence the acceptance or assessment of your proposal. If you are in doubt as to whether a fact is material you should disclose it.

In the event that you do not meet all the above criteria, unfortunately this web page cannot give you a quote.

Please note it is of utmost importance that you check your buildings and contents sums insured to verify you have them insured for the correct reinstatement value, as failure to do so may result in your claim settlement being reduced. For information on rebuilding costs please visit the Society of Chartered Surveyors website

Our primary form of contact is by email and all documents are sent by email. We can post them to you but there is a small charge for this.