Insurance for Unoccupied Houses

The number of unoccupied houses is on the rise. There can be many factors that contribute to this these can include a lack of suitable tenants, the owner has passed away, economic conditions, and emigration trends, and much more. It is important that your property insurer is aware of any change in property occupancy. If you do not inform the insurer the property may not be correctly insured.

An unoccupied home insurance policy is required when the property is vacant for more than 30 days whereas there are no overnight stays. It must not be used as a holiday home. So, acquiring cover can be difficult and expensive. It can be difficult to obtain insurance for an unoccupied home and many insurance companies do not or will not give a quote for a property that is vacant on a short/long term basis. Houses that are unoccupied are a higher risk to insurance companies and this is mainly due to exposures such as theft, fire, and liability exposure.

Does my current home insurance policy provide cover?

As mentioned above, most insurance policies have a maximum of 30 days cover for unoccupied houses. If the property is left vacant for more than these consecutive days, it is considered a breach of policy conditions. Claims made after 30 days can be declined and your policy cancelled. If your property is vacant for more than 30 days, you must acquire an unoccupied home insurance policy.

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Unoccupied Home Insurance Premiums

Home insurance premiums for unoccupied properties can depend on various factors these include location, security, sums insured, and the level of cover that is required. The risk that comes with an unoccupied property is complex, so your premium will reflect this. At Quote Devil, our dedicated and qualified sales team are at hand to offer you any advice and find the appropriate insurance solutions, and offer you the best deal and affordable premiums.


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