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At Quote Devil, we specialise in providing the highest level of care, cover, and most affordable prices for Plumbing Insurance, giving you peace of mind and security in knowing that your plumbing business is in safe hands. We understand and know that insurance can sometimes be a hassle, but we aim to help remove some of the hassles by offering the best Plumbing insurance policies at the most discounted rates. If you are a self-employed, a professional plumber or work with a construction company, it is vital that you find the right plumbing insurance cover to protect your livelihood. We understand that there are risks in every business, accidents can occur and operating without safety can put you at risk. So, we can make it easier for you and search the market place to find the best prices for plumbers insurance policies with insurance brokers nationwide.

The standard cover available on this policy includes:

  • Public and Products Liability for Plumbers
  • Employers Liability for Plumbers

Public and Products Liability

Public and Products Liability for Plumbers is designed to cover all businesses in the event of an accident if you are sued by a third party who may feel they suffered a loss because of your negligence. It is also essential as it covers your various tools, equipment, van, and building.

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Employers Liability for Plumbers

Employers Liability for Plumbers is designed to cover your business if legal action is taken against your liability for illness, injury, or even death of an employee under your contract. It has shown in statistics that employers in trade are more likely to make a claim under their Employers Liability Insurance rather than Public Liability.

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