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If Your Best Friend is not Insured They Should Be

Pet insurance these days really is a must. Finding out the cost of an operation on a pet if you have no insurance is a bit of a shock (the author has his own experience of this!) and makes you realise why pet insurance was set up in the first place.
The Quote Qevil pet insurance product has great cover and gives a 5% discount for chipped animals. The main part of the cover and most widely claimed on is veterinary fees. The limit is quite high here at €4,000 so it gives you plenty of peace of mind.
The policy also covers a wide variety of other liabilities and potential pitfalls from accidental death to cover if your holiday is cancelled all the way to theft of the animal.
A big worry now is also liability to third parties so for dogs we also cover third party liability up to €250,000.
The money spent insuring your pet is money spent on piece of mind.
Give us a ring on 012541300 if you have any queries on the policy or buy online here: Pet Insurance