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Get Two Free Return European Flights including taxes from Quote Devil Just for Buying Home Insurance Off Us

If you buy home insurance off us over the next week you we will give you two free flights to Europe, tax paid, free of charge!!!!!!

Just enter the code 'FLIGHT' when you are buying and we will send you out the vouchers!

If you've any questions just ring Rob on 01-2541329

One more time - that's TWO free return European flights!!

So get a quote here and see how much you can save: Home Insurance and then claim two free flights.

Quotes only take 60 seconds and we are really cheap, you can take out the entire policy online in 2 minutes.

This offer is valid for all of October . Once you have received and submitted your flight voucher you can travel for up to 4 months!

Destinations: London, Paris, Milan, Edinburgh, Brussels and Frankfurt.

There are a few terms and conditions like you have 4 months to fly but no nasty ones!

You're Welcome,
The Quotedevil